Leigh's Lost and Found: featuring a lost Hound with very distinctive eyes

In today's Leigh's Lost and Found report, all you have to do is look into the eyes of today's featured dog, and you'll recognize him if you know him.

"If someone's looking for him, I think they're definitely going to recognize him."

This pup's eyes are an unusual gray-green color and he also has pretty distinctive markings.

Animal control thinks he's just about a year old, two at most. He was found with a block collar on, but no tag or chip.

Shelter coordinator Josh Doss says they were called to pick him up in the 500 block of south Laurel and there is a possibility, he may have been left behind by his family.

"The person who called us wasn't sure but said possibly the tenants next to her may have moved out and left him behind. But he's only been around there since they moved so it's entirely possible he's a stray."

If you recognize our featured dog, or if you've lost a pet, you can call animal control at 833-3592. You can also visit their website to see pictures of all the animals currently there and to fill out an online lost pet form.

Another great resource is the Leigh's Lost and Found facebook page. Anyone can post a lost or found animal on there so be sure to like the page and share it with your friends.