Laclede County family warns others to protect their dogs

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LACLEDE COUNTY, Mo. A warning for pet owners in one part of the Ozarks after two dogs suddenly die.

The Conklin family dogs like to hang out under trees in their front yard. It was there, a few days ago, the Conklins found a bag of poison, they say killed their two dogs.

"It's a bag of animal fat, pig fat or some kind of fat, mixed, riddled with poison, rat poison," says Sharon Conklin.

Her daughter found nearly a pound of it in a plastic bag.

"It was done on purpose because it was pushed into it. It was like they took their hands squished it all the way through it. We don't think they ate that much though," she says.

However, it was enough to kill two of the family pets. Saturday...Conklin's husband found the first dog.

"He walked over and saw her eyes glazed over. She just died right in the driveway," she says.

A few hours later, they noticed a second dog was sick.

"He kept breathing really funny. He kept staring at me and the whites of his eyes were showing. I've never seen the whites of his eyes before," says Conklin.

They tried to save him.

"My husband worked on him for like five minutes, trying so hard to get him to breathe again but he would never take another breath. He died right in the bedroom. I was holding him. My husband was trying to get him to breathe. He just died and that killed me because that dog was so friendly with everybody," she says.

The family doesn't know why someone would want to hurt their animals.

"If she was being a nudge or bothering somebody they could have called me immediately. I would have picked her right up," explains Conklin.

The rest of the family pets are no longer allowed outside unless someone is with them.

"Oh God yes, terrified," she says.

The Laclede County Sheriff's Office tells the Conklins there may not be a way to find out who left the poison that killed their dogs. The Conklins are hoping that by sharing their story they'll let their neighbors know to keep an eye on their pets.

The Conklins are holding onto the poison until they can safely dispose of it.

Our calls to the sheriff's office have not been returned.