Firefighters prepare for flooding as heavy rains fall in the Ozarks

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SPRINGFIELD, Mo. (KSPR) -- That heavy rain can become dangerous even deadly if you get into fast-moving flood waters.

Firefighters are preparing for flooding and they say you should be, too.

"If you're a dedicated fisherman, today would be a great day to fish," said Ransom Mccrary.

She says the rain forced him to take the day off. So he spent some time at Lake Springfield.

"It sucks to have the day off, but the reality is, there's not a lot of people out here on the water. So it makes the fishing a lot better," said McCrary. "And it seems to have turned the bite on. "A day like today seems to affect the people more than it does the fish."

If this rain causes flooding, the water can become dangerous or even deadly in a matter of minutes. That's why firefighters are preparing to make water rescues.

"Last year we made over 75 calls for water rescues," said Kelly Cardin of the Springfield Fire Department's Special Operations.

Cardin is the Springfield Fire Department's Special Operations Battalion Chief. He says they've been prepping for flooding all week.

"We have a minimum amount of water rescue people that we like to have on duty to respond to any calls." said Cardin. "We contact surrounding departments that are part of our water rescue response."

The Logan-Rogersville Fire Protection District is one of those departments. Just last week, they were practicing water rescues on the James River.

"Calls tend to be people making the mistake of people driving into flooded waters," said Cardin.

He says workers will put up roadblocks if necessary, but those don't always keep people safe.

"Unfortunately, people ignore those barriers, and still get themselves into trouble," said Cardin.

Firefighters are ready to respond if that happens.

And you should be ready for the rain to put a damper on your outdoor plans this weekend.

"I was planning on spending the weekend with my daughter, but if it's going to be like this, I may not force her to come out here in the cold," said McCrary.