ELECTION DAY UPDATE: Long lines face voters at some Springfield polling places

SPRINGFIELD, Mo. Wait times were significant for some voters waiting to cast a ballot in Springfield Tuesday.

We heard from some people warning of wait times from one-and a half to 3 hours at Second Baptist Church.

Early Tuesday afternoon, voters said they waited about 10 to 15 minutes at some polling places. A couple of hours later, the lines were almost nonexistent. Voters say they only had to wait about five minutes. We talked with with one voter who said he deliberately came here to vote at a different time than he did in the last election.

"The primary was really hectic and we had an hour and 45 minute wait at that point. This time I was expecting at least an hour or more like I said, I'm shocked, but I'm happy," said Greg Brashars.

By late afternoon, Greene County Clerk Shane Schoeller said about 48 percent of the county’s voters had cast a ballot.