ELECTION 2016: Boozman wins re-election to Arkansas U.S. Senate seat

LITTLE ROCK, Ark (AP) Arkansas Republican John Boozman has been re-elected to the Senate, defeating a former U.S. attorney who repeatedly criticized Boozman over his support for Donald Trump.

Boozman won his second Senate term by defeating Democrat Conner Eldridge in Tuesday's election.

In their only face-to-face debate ahead of the election, Eldridge last month criticized Boozman for backing Trump, saying the GOP presidential nominee couldn't be trusted with the nation's nuclear codes. Boozman in turn ran ads critical of Eldridge, calling him President Barack Obama's "gift" to the state. In last month's debate, Boozman criticized Eldridge for supporting the Democratic nominee, Hillary Clinton.

The two differed on the Affordable Care Act, called "Obamacare" by its critics. Eldridge said repealing the law would leave 300,000 Arkansans who are on the state's hybrid Medicaid expansion without medical insurance. Boozman has cast numerous votes in favor of repealing the 2010 law.