Crashes kill one driver, block I-44 traffic near Strafford

STRAFFORD, Mo. Major delays and traffic backups ensued after a string of serious crashes killed one person and shut down part of Interstate 44 near Strafford.

Traffic in the eastbound lane began moving mid-morning, but could not get onto I-44 in the area if they wanted to go west.
Officers sent drivers to the outer road that goes around the crash site.

The Missouri State Highway Patrol reports it started near the Strafford exit at mile marker 88. Several cars crashed first, then officers say that triggered this crash a mile to the east.

Three semi-trucks crashed.

One flipped onto a pickup truck.

That series of crashes left one person dead, it's unclear how many were hurt. Drivers were left both shocked and frustrated after they were re-routed several miles away from the crash.

"You've got emergency crews flying around and they’re making back at Northview, they had us going one way, then back at Northview they had everyone turn around and dictated traffic back in another direction. So it's been very frustrating to been very frustrating," said Casey Cox.

Officers said it could be mid-afternoon before they re-open I-44, but they note this is just the beginning of a long investigation.

Officers are not yet releasing the names of the drivers involved.