City of Springfield soliciting bids for 20 surplus properties in city limits

SPRINGFIELD, Mo. -- The City of Springfield’s Purchasing division is soliciting sealed bids for the sale of various parcels of City-owned property at 20 locations in Springfield.

They sale ends 3 p.m. November 1.

Sixteen of the properties are located in city of Springfield-registered neighborhoods. Many of the properties were once the site of one or more dangerous buildings that have since been demolished by the city. Some were forfeited to the city as a result of delinquent sewer liens.

When determining an asking price for a surplus property, the city considers comparable properties in the neighborhood, as well as the investment the city has made in the property, such as the cost of demolition or the payment of any liens held on the property, according to Buyer Kara Daniel.

“The city is hoping to recover the costs accrued with the acquisition and maintenance of these properties,” Daniel said. “In most cases, the revenue from the sale of surplus property goes into the Police and Firefighters Retirement System fund. One of the goals of this program is to encourage the development of affordable housing, which benefits our community. The surplus property program also offers the opportunity for adjacent property owners to invest in their neighborhoods and expand their properties affordably.”

It is desired by the city to award and sell each property on an individual basis to qualified individuals or firms with the most favorable bid for each property. This determination shall be made in accordance with Resolution 9711.

The City reserves the right to award multiple properties to a bidder if determined in the best interest of the City. The City will convey the properties described herein to the successful bidder by special warranty deed or quit claim deed.

The city reserves the right to place any necessary covenants on the property as necessary, based on the proposed usage described on the bidder's proposal form. To be considered for these properties, bidders must be current on city taxes and have no existing liens on any property currently owned in the city of Springfield.

Please submit bids to Kara Daniel, Buyer, 218 E. Central, Springfield MO 65802. Submitted envelopes should be marked "SALE BID #034-2018SB Sale of Real Property Group 25."

For the complete Notice of Sale of Real Property, including background, site conditions, environmental issues, construction readiness and bid submission requirements, please visit. Click HERE.
Doling Neighborhood

2430 N. Ramsey
Zoned: R-SF
Parcel Number: 881206303037
Legal Description: HASELTINES BLVD ADD LOTS 39 & 40 BLK 3
Asking Price: $9,300.00

2627 N. Broadway
Zoned: R-SF
Parcel Number: 881302301072
Legal Description: 2.7 AC M/L N 40 FT BEG 200 FT N NW COR BROAD & TALMAGEN 100 FT W 234 FT S 100 FT E
TO BEG 2/29/22
Asking Price: $5,900.00

Woodland Heights Neighborhood

1524 W. High
Zoned: R-SF
Parcel Number: 881311216004
Legal Description: VIRGINIA PLACE E 39 FT LOT 2
Asking Price: Make offer
Note: This property is only available to adjacent property owners.

Weller Neighborhood

1342 E. Blaine
Zoned: R-SF
Parcel Number: 881207313007
Legal Description: ARRINGTONS ADD LOT 8 (EX S 50 FT)
Asking Price: $4,900.00
Note: No sewer available, must extend public sewer main

Westside Neighborhood

2531 W. State
Zoned: R-SF
Parcel Number: 881322307014
Legal Description: CROWN HGTS ADD LOT 17 BLK 2
Asking Price: Make an offer

535 N. Warren
Zoned: R-TH
Parcel Number: 881315323001
Asking Price: $1,000.00
Note: There is a sanitary sewer tax bill lien on this property in the amount of $7,852.86, this amount will be due at closing.

Robberson Neighborhood

2230 N. East
Zoned: R-SF
Parcel Number: 881312111019
Legal Description: HOBART'S 3RD ADD LOT 42 BLK 7
Asking Price: $6,900.00

2017 N. National
Zoned: GR
Parcel Number: 881312132006
Legal Description: All of Lot Nine (9), in Block Four (4) in Hobart’s Addition to North Springfield, now a part of The City of Springfield, Greene County, Missouri.
Asking Price: Make an offer

Grant Beach Neighborhood
1422 N. Concord
Zoned: R-SF
Parcel Number: 881314109018
Legal Description: BRYAN PLACE N 58 FT LOT 7 BLK 2
Asking Price: $6,900.00

1517 N. Irving
Zoned: HC
Parcel Number: 881311420007
Legal Description: Linwood Park ADD Lot 62
Asking Price: Make offer

1036 W. Division
Zoned: HC
Parcel Number: 881314201005
Legal Description: ENGLEWOOD ADD LOT 12 BLK 1
Asking Price: Make offer

1129 W. Nichols
Zoned: R-SF
Parcel Number: 881314208007
Legal Description: QUEEN CITY ADD S 118 FT LOTS 86 & 87
Asking Price: Make offer
Note: Not connected to sanitary sewer. This property is only available to adjacent property owners.

Tom Watkins Neighborhood

2131 N. Hoffman
Zoned: R-SF
Parcel Number: 881310118004
Legal Description: HOFFMAN'S ADD LOT 3
Asking Price: $6,500.00

Bissett Neighborhood

1211 N. Fulbright
Zoned: R-SF
Parcel Number: 881316111098
Legal Description: FERBRACHE ADD LOT 10
Asking Price: $6,500.00

528 N. Homewood
Zoned: R-SF
Parcel No: 881316411007
Legal Description: All of the South Half (S ½) of Lot Three (3) Block “D” in the first Addition to Fairfield Acres
Asking Price: Make an offer
NOTE: No sanitary sewer, not possible to connect to the sanitary sewer, this property is not buildable. Only available to adjacent property owners.

West Central Neighborhood

831 S. Newton
Zoned: R-SF
Parcel Number: 881323328008
Legal Description: MERRY PLACE ADD LOT 1 BLK 2
Asking Price: $4,900.00

Properties not located in a registered neighborhood

1212 S. Hillcrest
Zoned: GM
Parcel Number: 881328110013
Legal Description: .28A M/L BEG 761.5 FT W & 130.1 FT S NE COR SW1/4 NE1/4S 73.4 FT W 168.6 FT N
73.4 FT ETO BEG 28/29/22
Asking Price: $6,700.00
NOTE: Minimum elevation for the lowest enclosed space is 1213.

1716 E. Carleton
Zoned: R-SF
Parcel Number: 881918408002
Legal Description: WILLIAMSBURG HILLS LOT 54
Asking Price: $25,000.00
NOTE: Minimum elevation for the lowest enclosed space is 1244.87.
Permanent Drainage Easement:
The North 30 feet and the East 40 feet of Lot 54 of Williamsburg Hills, a subdivision in the City of Springfield, Greene County, Missouri, containing 12,307 square feet (0.28 acres). The property owner is responsible for maintenance of easement areas.

1051 S. Golden
Zoned: R-SF
Parcel Number: 881328202034
Asking Price: $1,000.00
Note: There is a sanitary sewer tax bill lien on this property in the amount of $7,313.79, this amount
will be due at closing.

1018 S. Golden
Zoned: R-SF
Parcel Number: 881328201040
Legal Description: BEG 251 FT W & 175 FT S & 132 FT E NE COR NE1/4 NW1/4 28/29/22 E 49 FT S 60 FTW 49 FT N TO BEG 28/29/22
Asking Price: $1,000.00
Note: There is a sanitary sewer tax bill lien on this property in the amount of $6,040.17, this amount will be due at closing.

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