Baptist Bible College sends students and faculty to Texas

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Springfield, Mo. -- People in the Ozarks are still reaching out to personally help victims of Hurricane Harvey.

This time, Springfield's Baptist Bible College is responding with young feet on the ground sending volunteers and making it their mission, a priority over class schedules.

Almost a third of the student population at Baptist Bible College in Springfield will be packed into vans headed to Texas tomorrow morning, on Thursday, Sept. 14, 2017.

The clean, orderly college campus is a far cry from where BBC's students will be working.

The devastated areas of Texas are about to become a different kind of classroom, teaching all kinds of lessons.

"Whatever they need me to do, that's what I'm going to do," Jarrett Reed, a student at Baptist Bible College, said.

"There's a lot of broken people right now and they need help," Makayla Frye, a student at Baptist Bible College, said.

It's a mission for these students, one very close to the heart for some.

"I'm from Houston, and so my family is down there and my family has been helping people clean out houses for weeks now," Frye said. "So I'm excited to go help."

"We have over 3,600 churches in our fellowship nation-wide and so a lot of them right there in Texas," John Decker, Campus Pastor, at Baptist Bible College, said.

So many BBC students volunteered to go to help in Texas, the college actually cancelled classes for everyone.

"We wanted to be able to free up everybody to go," Decker said.

Students said they want the people, still struggling in the wake of Hurricane Harvey to know they have not been forgotten.

"Reminding them people still do care about them, and even though I feel like more things are happening in the world, like things happening in Florida, people aren't forgetting what's happened already to them," Grace Bassett, a student at Baptist Bible College, said.

The students will work in Texas, through the weekend returning to Springfield early Monday morning.

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