Attempted burglary caught on camera may help police solve more crimes in Lebanon

LEBANON, Mo. Three men have been identified after they were caught trying to burglarize a business in Lebanon on surveillance video.

They could be linked to more crimes in the area.

Mike Kile, owner of True Construction doesn’t always review footage on his security cameras. When an employee noticed something was off and he decided it was worth taking a look.

"Totally an invasion of privacy. Our guys spend their time back here and in these trucks but we don't expect other people to do that," he says.

Kile says he’s had trouble with people trying to steal from his business before.

"You know this day and time, surveillance equipment has become something that is not expensive and something that everybody should have. It's going to be seen more and more that people get caught doing things like this," he says.

It’s the reason he upgraded his security system.

The footage shows a man getting in a truck in the company’s yard. He’s followed by two other men.

Kile says they got into his lot by using a bolt cutter to cut a hole in the fence.

Looking at the video he says, "They seem to act like they know what they're doing."

Though Kile says he doesn’t recognize any of the men.

"Video cameras, you never know where they're pointed. People might have a neighbor with a video camera. You'd be very surprised what you can come up with, with a camera,” he explains.

Kile has been able to help police with other cases of suspicious activity.

“One of our cameras in the back actually sees the church beside us a little bit. We've had calls before to come and look at our videos when they've had issues at the church," he explains.

He’s confident police will be able to use the footage to catch the men who tried to burglarize his business.

"You don't want to live in a world all the time where you have to see this but if it's going to happen I want to see it and we want to be able to see who it is. It's not shocking anymore but that's the reason we have to have cameras," he says.

The would-be thieves left empty handed.

"We just don't have things out there anymore for people to take. They're not going to get anything here," he says.

Others in the community saw this video on social media and have reason to believe these men may be involved in other crimes. Police are now investigating.