Police shoot man after pointing gun at officers during standoff in west Springfield

SPRINGFIELD, Mo. -- A man is hospitalized after an officer-involved shooting in west Springfield.

The shooting happened near Division and Marjorie. Officers say they responded early to a call of a man who was having some mental issues and was threatening to kill himself. Police say they tried to calm the guy down but that didn't happen. Officers say the man then pointed his weapon at officers. That is when the officer fired his weapon, hitting the man. Police are investigating if the suspect fired his weapon.

Officers aren't commenting on the condition, but say he was conscious and alert and when they loaded him into the ambulance. Police say there is a full investigation underway.

The police captain says officers train for situations like this, although part of the job unfortunately, it is traumatic for them when situations lead to this.

One officer was injured. One of the police dogs misunderstood something that was going on and grabbed onto an officer and bit them. That officer is being treated for those bite injuries and will be ok.