ELECTION 2016: Womack wins re-election to U.S. House

Rep. Steve Womack, (R) Arkansas-3rd District

LITTLE ROCK, Ark (AP) Republican congressman Steve Womack has won a fourth term to Congress from northwestern Arkansas.

Womack turned back a challenge from Libertarian Steve Isaacson in Tuesday's election. Isaacson claimed during the campaign that Womack hadn't adequately helped veterans during his three terms in office. The incumbent said he had helped specific veterans and that, in general, he worked to boost funding for Veterans Affairs programs.

Isaacson said after a debate last month that he had intended to challenge Womack in the Republican primary but didn't qualify for the ballot in time. In the presidential race, Isaacson backed Republican Donald Trump instead of the Libertarian Party candidate, Gary Johnson.

Last month, Isaacson also acknowledged being convicted of identity theft in 2009 amid a dispute over a satellite TV bill.